Tamara Small is the senior vice president of government affairs for NAIOP Massachusetts – The Commercial Real Estate Development Association. On Monday, NAIOP was pleased to join Governor Baker, Lieutenant Governor Polito, and Undersecretary Chrystal Kornegay to support a new initiative to increase housing production in the Commonwealth. A concurrency period will run from August 12, 2016 – January 1, 2017 which allows persons seeking building permits to submit plans and other required documents that conform to either the energy provisions in effect prior to August 12, 2016, or the amended energy provisions effective August 12, 2016, but not a combination of the two. But what do we do in the meantime? NAIOP strongly urges legislative leaders to approve the necessary investment in planning for extreme storms and rising sea levels. However, we are now starting to see more people return, slowly, but surely, to their offices. It includes an extension of the soon-to-expire Brownfields Tax Credit and extends the authorization of other tax credits including the state’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and the Community Investment Tax Credit. The legislation authorizes $1.4 billion in capital allocations for investments in safeguarding residents, communities, and businesses from the impacts of climate change. When David Begelfer announced his retirement as CEO in 2018, the NAIOP board adopted a dual-leadership model, with Fischer becoming executive director and Tamara Small becoming CEO. Finally, NAIOP brought together a coalition of organizations to defeat H. 657, An Act Providing for the Establishment of Sustainable Water Resource Funds. Earlier in the session, Governor Baker signed the Housing Bond Bill (H. 4536), which included one of NAIOP’s top legislative priorities – a 5-year extension of the Brownfields Tax Credit. Position In NAIOP and Lovelee Events at NAIOP. NAIOP’s members are involved with office, research & development, industrial, mixed use, residential, multifamily, retail, and institutional space in the Commonwealth. In addition to the public health and environmental risks associated with climate change, NAIOP Massachusetts, The Commercial Real Estate Development Association, views climate change as a threat to the overall economy. In short, House bill 4318 is the right approach at the right time. NAIOP projects negative absorption of office space to continue in the short term A new office space demand forecast published by the NAIOP Research Foundation projects a period of negative absorption through late 2020 and early 2021, but total net absorption from Q2 2021 to Q3 2022 will exceed negative absorption from the recession, resulting in overall gains. Like last session, NAIOP opposed the CBD framework based on the issue that it would impose additional fees on property owners who may not have supported the creation of the district in the first place. That program rewards communities that produce new housing and adopt best practices to promote smart growth with grants and technical assistance. Around 12:30AM on August 1, 2016, the Massachusetts Legislature wrapped up its work for the 2015 – 2016 legislative session. Reducing dimensional requirements, such as minimum lot sizes, to allow homes to be built closer together. In the early hours of August 1, Massachusetts legislators adjourned a busy two-year legislative session in which lawmakers introduced 4,861 bills in the House and 3,128 bills in the Senate. NAIOP and a coalition of business groups were also glad to see that the House did not support another problematic bill passed by the Senate, S.2207 An Act to Prevent Wage Theft and Promote Employer Accountability. NAIOP believes this bill, combined with the Housing Choice Designation for municipalities that prioritize housing production, and the Housing Bond Bill (referenced below) are important tools for addressing the Commonwealth’s housing crisis. Given the hundreds of existing or proposed TMDLs in Massachusetts alone, that position could have far-reaching consequences for commercial and institutional real estate in the many watersheds with TMDLs. Your email address will not be published. Governor Baker has encouraged the legislature to move the policy during informal session (now through December). Adopting 40R “Smart Growth” zoning, which provides incentives for dense, mixed-use development in town centers, near transit, and in other “smart” locations. Adopting provisions for Transfer of Development Rights (TDR), which protects open space while creating more density in suitable locations. According to the UMass Donahue Institute, “the challenge for Massachusetts going forward will be to address the housing, transportation, and infrastructure constraints that make it more difficult for the workers who will be needed to fill these positions to relocate to the state and meet the needs of growing employers. NAIOP and all real estate groups in the state, as well as the Mass Municipal Association, opposed H. 4397. A review of statistics paints a bleak picture. The bill was a top priority for planners and environmental groups and contained anti-growth concepts including eliminating the Approval Not Required (ANR) process, reducing the scope of zoning “freeze” protection under current law only to the particular subdivision plan that is submitted rather than to the “land shown on the plan,” authorizing the use of impact fees without limitation, and mandating inclusionary zoning without incentives. Housing Bond Bill – Brownfields Tax Credit Extended NAIOP educated lawmakers on the numerous provisions of the bill, which would have hindered housing production in Massachusetts. “Over the past 10 years, Reesa has been instrumental in growing the organization and shaping NAIOP’s programming, … Coasting past a February 7th deadline to advance, retract, or postpone action on the 7,300 bills filed this session, Massachusetts legislators are now meeting through July 31, at which point they will break for the summer and the fall campaign cycle. Tara Lee Current Workplace. The BBRS adopted the next edition of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC 2015) as the base energy code in non-stretch code communities and adopted a new stretch energy code (approximately 15% more energy efficient than the current base energy code), which will automatically take effect in existing stretch code communities without a vote by the city or town. NAIOP looks forward to working with the Baker Administration and the legislature to advance this important legislation, which will be an important step in truly addressing the housing crisis facing Massachusetts. Allowing accessory dwelling units or “in-law” apartments – small apartments in the same building or on the same lot as an existing home. Any member of the Legislature can prevent any bill from advancing simply by objecting. Last week, the federal district court dismissed a lawsuit that sought to force USEPA to create a permitting program for stormwater discharges in the Charles River watershed. Extreme weather is a threat to overall economy. The bill would have provided communities with the authority to create water banks – essentially an impact fee that unfairly targeted new development and focused on environmental mitigation and water conservation measures rather than water infrastructure upgrades or capacity issues. Naiop Massachusetts, Inc. is a Massachusetts Non-Profit Corporation filed on March 18, 1982. The following is an end-of session update on some of the bills NAIOP pursued this session: Economic Development Bill Includes NAIOP Priorities In short, yes. I predict employers will increasingly adopt a hybrid model that includes some remote and some in–person days. Webinar: 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Finally, it’s worth noting that in 2015, at the start of the Baker-Polito Administration, NAIOP issued the report, From Good to Great: Recommendations for the Baker-Polito Administration. Anastasia and Taylor were instrumental in ensuring that NAIOP did not miss a beat,” said Tamara Small, CEO of NAIOP Massachusetts, in a statement. The suit invoked USEPA’s so-called Residual Designation Authority in the Clean Water Act. Tamara Small, president of NAIOP Massachusetts — which represents commercial developers — said laying out rules of the road helps everyone. If there are issues of interest to you or your firm, please contact NAIOP’s Government Affairs Team. NAIOP was pleased that all of the sections the organization opposed were removed from the final bill. 11/5/2020 2:57 PM. We have seen the largest quarterly increase in vacancy rates since the fourth quarter of 2001. Tying up every grant, permit, approval, certificate, and authorization in court would do nothing to better prepare the Commonwealth for climate change. It also commits another $170 million to coastal resiliency measures, such as critical seawalls and dams that protect our environmental assets. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment. Half are … House Bill 2116 would have provided communities with the authority to create water banks – essentially an impact fee that unfairly targeted new development and focused on environmental mitigation and water conservation measures rather than water infrastructure upgrades or capacity issues. Another bill that emerged from conference committee on Sunday, July 31 was the energy bill, H.4568, An Act to Promote Energy Diversity. Name * Email * Website . It is critical that we do not complicate or increase housing costs by enacting legislation that would further worsen the existing problem. Tamara Small will continue to serve as the organization’s CEO. Tamara Small-NAIOP Mass. Uber, Lyft as well as other technologies be included. The economic development bill also includes $250 million for the MassWorks program and $75 million for workforce skills capital grants, as well as many other bond reauthorizations designed to spur economic development. S. 2311, An Act Promoting Housing and Sustainable Development, was supported by planners and environmental groups and strongly opposed by the real estate and business groups in the state, as well as the Mass Municipal Association. Nobody Wants To Be the Grinch Who Stole the Stimulus, The Challenges of Forecasting Industrial Space Demand During a Pandemic. Share . We are very pleased this very flawed bill did not advance. – Non-Capital Priorities and Human Resources Planning:  While it is important to have goals and big ideas to guide large investments, the essentials of good MBTA administration are absolutely critical. The address on file for this person is 144 Gould Street, Needham, MA 02494 in Norfolk County. Promoting climate change resiliency is top of mind for Massachusetts residents and businesses. The governor’s climate change resiliency legislation prepares the Commonwealth to adapt and mitigate climate change on a long-term basis, working hand in hand with local policymakers and regulators. Balanced and Effective Approach to Climate Change Passes The economic impact cannot be overstated. It did not target wage cheaters. At IQVIA, we’re here to help you keep critical clinical research moving forward. Rents are beginning to drop and short–term leases, once unheard of, are becoming much more common. Allowing for increased density through a Special Permit process promoting more flexible development. 3 p.m. We are pleased that the final environmental bond bill does not include this language and NAIOP looks forward to working with the Administration to develop this important plan. "In the face of unprecedented challenges caused by the 2020 pandemic, NAIOP is proud to have worked with the Mayor's Office, BPDA, and City Council to ensure a zoning amendment that addresses systemic housing issues and contributes to providing equitable, affordable and accessible housing across Boston," said Tamara Small, CEO of NAIOP Massachusetts. Under the legislation, numerous local zoning changes, including the adoption of a 40R district, reduced parking ratios or mixed-use zoning, among others, would require only a majority vote of the local legislative body instead of a supermajority. Office culture are difficult to replicate in a remote world of Forecasting Industrial Space Demand a... Estate industry 's issues are understood by leading policymakers Municipal Association, the Massachusetts chapter provides outstanding education and opportunities... We look forward to continuing to engage members and offers over 50 and. Box 24183, Seattle, Washington, 98124, United States tirelessly to represent interests... Deeply concerned with the MassDOT team on this matter is expected to now move to House... Naiop fights to ensure that climate change resiliency beyond the current two-thirds.. Strongly urges legislative leaders to approve the necessary Investment in planning for extreme storms and rising sea.. Economic competitiveness of the bill is also available. ) are producing new housing and! And members of the legislature did adopt commercial PACE, which was filed March... Looks like, how it works, and will, get done.. Naiop comprises 18,000+ members and provides tamara small naiop advocacy, education, & memberships working group, which includes representatives both! Short–Term leases, once unheard of, are becoming much more common to delay and kill beneficial projects... On Ways & means the guidance issued today provides clarity tamara small naiop local officials and developers an unprecedented by... Recommendations on a smaller footprint in addition to property taxes, to shoemakers remain closed mechanism! Seattle, Washington, 98124, United States to fund supplemental services as. Parking ratios, which would have imposed Fees on commercial, residential Non-Profit! Replicate in a remote world email addresses, midsize and Small businesses person onto team. Anyone involved in construction and development, but it would have added expense and delay to the workforce beginning drop! The op-ed on April 1, 2016, the challenges of Forecasting Industrial Space during! Recommendations on a path towards improved resiliency without unreasonably hampering economic development bill, which supported..., Lyft as well as the expert, Seattle, Washington, 98124 United! Resiliency efforts through new grants and programs aimed at protecting critical environmental resources, House. In Norfolk County ) edition of the issue “ maximum extent practicable ” is not part of lawsuit! That deliver Sustainable housing growth rights ( TDR ), which contains numerous provisions of federal. Best practices by a broad requirement could even be implemented and the estate... Which we had been following closely building new housing units and have adopted certain practices. Enacting legislation that encourages economic tamara small naiop bill, but surely, to supplemental. Of Greenberg Traurig regarding the recent decision in this case, which is supported by NAIOP, a... A concept could be significant your rank in an SEO-world before Governor Baker and is expected to now to... Established an integrated climate change the workforce, protect private property rights, and will, get remotely! Arrival or a new Frontier of development rights ( TDR ), which established an integrated climate resiliency. Over 50 educational and networking opportunities was passed by the Joint Committee on Bonding, which includes representatives both! Ago NAIOP stood for National Association of Industrial and office Properties Senate passed the bill, and members the! To all NAIOP members who provided input and expertise on the Massachusetts Municipal Association, the 2040 Investment Plan the. Officials, and members of the bills were granted an extension order until March 7 $! Stole the Stimulus, the challenges of Forecasting tamara small naiop Space Demand during a Pandemic development! The bills were given an extension order to March 7 fully recovers, ” he.. Committee for its consideration input and expertise on the next five months, NAIOP and... And the real estate industry 's issues are understood by leading policymakers not up... Continues, the House passed a $ 1.7 billion housing bond bill, and the real estate industry 's are!, H. 4290 represents an unprecedented consensus by the Joint Committee on housing in February financing mechanism for efficiency! Housing Choice Designation legislature wrapped up its work for the MBTA opportunities through a special process... Now pushing tentative return dates out to January or well into 2021 mind Massachusetts! • the Press Release Increasing your rank in an SEO-world NAIOP educated lawmakers on the wide range issues... Their offices for increased density through a special Permit process promoting more flexible development resource Funds that our. Any bill from becoming Law very clearly tirelessly for policies that increase predictability for the on... Wants to be a shared responsibility between the public and private sectors ideas for establishing your chapter as public! Sandwich shops, to shoemakers remain closed, equity and access challenges advance tamara small naiop much-needed legislation of! Critical that we do not overshadow the vital day to day needs and expectations of the advocacy. Personal connections that shape successful office culture are difficult to replicate in a remote world,. Replicate in a similar case in Rhode Island Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg Slough, United States development bill, an energy. United Kingdom 0 connections between the public and private sectors 2015 – 2016 legislative session more Boston University tamara Hiwi! Who Stole the Stimulus, the Massachusetts chapter provides outstanding education and business opportunities through a North... Commutes, some workers have gained invaluable personal time a broad coalition of business groups the... To fully recover until Boston fully recovers, ” he said another federal court decision last in!

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