Hi Steven. In fact, marketing teams at Honda and FlyBe have experienced fines from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) around their use of email data – and GDPR promised to clamp down even stronger! This was not GDPR compliant, and so we had to update them. For more information about this, read the Information Commissioner published guidelines on cold B2B marketing outreach or for something shorter, my recent article: Why GDPR … This price also includes a complimentary compliance package worth £350 to aid your journey after the event. What did your legal team have to say about it? As for finding out if you have been reported, I'm not entirely sure. In the past, we’ve relied on buying emails in bulk and blanket-mailing to other firms’ inboxes. ----Appendix 2 - B2B and B2C Email Marketing under GDPR. If you want to send emails to a prospect, they must explicitly opt-in to receive newsletters from you. How will GDPR affect email marketing? Because I see it as just EU in most articles. Hi Sonya, great question! Ensuring users opt-in to your B2B email marketing campaigns and give consent to be contacted is now a GDPR requirement for email marketing and you can no longer automatically add them to your email list and then wait for them to opt out. This is especially apparent in B2B marketing, which deals with both business information and personal information. Email marketing is still the most preferred marketing channelfor B2B companies. The good news is that double opt-in is not a requirement under GDPR. [Therefore], your company/organization will have to obtain consent again if it wishes to continue processing the data. If a business has a list of email addresses for other businesses that are all part of the same trade organisation can they email these other businesses under 'legitimate interest'? Seeking permission and storing a record of it are the cornerstones of the General Data Protection Regulation. Email marketing is still the most preferred marketing channel for B2B companies. The GDPR will bring the protection of personal data into focus across all facets of business life, and this is going to alter our approach to B2B email marketing. 2. A central point of GDPR is that your marketing data is up-to-date. And with that kind of volume, it’s easy to see why email is a hot topic for GDPR regulators as you and your company are required to have consent (or another legal basis) in order to send these types of emails. 2. Here, we share why today's leading SaaS compa…, Relationship marketing is a long-term strategy with a focus on building close relationships wi…. The best way to do this is through a subscription management center as this way, the subscriber (aka the data subject) actively enables the subscriptions they want to receive. The GDPR won’t change an enormous amount for B2B marketing, especially when it comes to third parties. So, while it remains an email marketing best practice, you do not need to implement double opt-in any time soon. Yet, the response rates from their email campaigns has increased from 0.07% per email to 4% per email, which now results in thousands of new sign ups for every campaign they send! Hi steven , i am also asking the same question as sonya , if a client has a email list prior to gdpr all of which are customers can you still send opt in emails now? That way, it's documented and therefore, should be fine. Because there are limits to how you can segment data under GDPR. 1. Simply put, yes. – but for the purpose of this article, we’re going to focus on personal data being an email address. Kan B2B email marketing overleve GDPR? And even if your subscribers do opt-in, you need to re-think how you segment them! GDPR Conference Europe: Roadmap for Sales and Marketing, The identity of your organisation, together with clear contact details, What will happen with the recipients’ data should opt-in be chosen, Why the data will be needed, and for how long, Data processing being necessary as part of a contract, The need to protect the vital interests of an individual.

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