As of 2010-2014, the total population of Memphis is 656,715, which is 1.02% more than it was in 2000. The commissioners developed an extensive network of parks and public works as part of the national City Beautiful movement, but did not encourage heavy industry, which might have provided substantial employment for the working-class population. The $15 million in losses caused by the epidemic bankrupted Memphis, and as a result its charter was revoked by the state legislature. Four railroad and highway bridges cross the Mississippi River at Memphis. In recent years, the hospital has experienced severe funding difficulties that nearly led to a reduction or elimination of emergency room services. Severe thunderstorms can occur at any time of the year though mainly during the spring months. Memphis is home to Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, the site of University of Memphis football, the Liberty Bowl and the Southern Heritage Classic. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Memphis, and St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral is the seat of the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee. Union Army commanders allowed the city to maintain its civil government during most of this period but excluded Confederate veterans from office, which shifted political dynamics in the city as the war went on. cities. The population development of Memphis as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). [74] Nationally, cities follow similar trends, and crime numbers tend to be cyclical. Memphis, TN: Knoxville, TN: United States Population: 654,723: 184,465: 321,004,407 Female Population: 52.5%: 52.1%: 50.8% Male Population: 47.5%: 47.9%: 49.2% Median Age Black race population percentage significantly above state average. (1998), "'This is the White Man's Day': The Irish, White Racial Identity, and the 1866 Memphis Riots". Tennessee seceded from the Union in 1861 and Memphis became a Confederate stronghold until the Union captured it Army and used as a supply base. Beginning in 1963, Memphis adopted a mayor-council form of government, with 13 City Council members, six elected at-large from throughout the city and seven elected from geographic districts. [65] Dr. Jeff Wallace of the University of Memphis noted that the problem was related to decades of segregation in government and schools. Occupying a substantial bluff rising from the Mississippi River, the site of Memphis has been a natural location for human settlement by varying cultures over thousands of years. Memphis is also home to Regional One Healthcare,[149] which is locally referred to as "The Med". 306).[84]. The state had enacted several laws, including the requirement of poll taxes, that served to disenfranchise many blacks. Beale Street is a national historical landmark, and shows the impact Memphis has had on American blues, particularly after World War II as electric guitars took precedence. Memphis, TN, population 676,640, is located in Tennessee's Shelby county, about 130.0 miles from Little Rock and 178.5 miles from Clarksville.. Memphis, TN is home to a population of 651k people, from which 95.8% are citizens. 2. 2. Population by Neighborhood in Memphis There are 20 neighborhoods in Memphis. [33], At long last, on October 28, a killing frost struck. But she continued to investigate and publish the abuses of lynching. 's, Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Shawn Lane, Al Green, Rance Allen, Percy Sledge, Solomon Burke, William Bell, Sam & Dave and B.B. The event draws artists from all over North America and includes local music, art sales, contests, and displays. Mid-South Pride is Tennessee's second-largest LGBT pride event.[90][91]. [31] A massive panic ensued. Their drive for better pay had been met with resistance by the city government. Acts such as George Coleman, Herman Green, Kirk Whalum and Marvin Stamm all come out of the rich musical heritage in Memphis. In the southwestern corner of Tennessee is Memphis, the most populated city in the state and the largest city along the entire span of the Mississippi River. (Crime Reduction Using Statistical History), which targets crime hotspots and repeat offenders. While technically not entering the city of Memphis proper, I-22 ends at I-269 in Byhalia, Mississippi, connecting it to the rest of the Memphis interstate system. The total number of households is 250,812 with 3 people per household on average.The median age of the current population is 34 with 179,720 people being married and 354,232 being single. Its Mason Temple was named after the denomination's founder, Charles Harrison Mason. "[18]:71, In 1795 the Spanish Governor-General of Louisiana, Francisco Luis Héctor de Carondelet, sent his lieutenant governor, Manuel Gayoso de Lemos, to negotiate and secure consent from the local Chickasaw so that a Spanish fort could be erected on the bluff; Fort San Fernando De Las Barrancas was the result. 2000 population of incorporated places like cities and towns in the boundaries of 2010. The race breakdown of the population in Memphis varies per year, but currently 643,312 are one race and 6,788 are two or more races. [113] The city had authority for this action under Tennessee state laws that differentiate between city and county powers. [68] For many years, it was led by Adrian Rogers, a three-term president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The television series Greenleaf, Memphis Beat, Quarry and Bluff City Law are set in the city. "[43] The city now has a majority-black population; the larger metropolitan area is narrowly majority white. Walker, Barrington. [118], The Christian Brothers High School Band is the oldest high school band in America, founded in 1872. [36][page needed], Memphis did not become a home rule city until 1963, although the state legislature had amended the constitution in 1953 to provide home rule for cities and counties. The 2019 festival will be its 30th and has hosted musical acts, local artisans, and Italian cooking competitions. The median income for a household in the city was $32,285, and the median income for a family was $37,767. Database Download: Population Density in Memphis, TN by Zip Code: Memphis, TN Report: Population Density 5,247.84: 2.17: Related Reports. The epidemic had resulted in Memphis being a less cosmopolitan place, with an economy that served the cotton trade and a population drawn increasingly from poor white and black Southerners. The Five Most Populated Cities in Tennessee Nashville, Tennessee. 1.4M. Memphis is a regional center for commerce, education, media, art, and entertainment. The Memphis Italian Festival is run almost completely by former and current Holy Rosary School and Church members and begins with a 5K run each year. A bicycle/pedestrian walkway opened along the Harahan Bridge in late 2016, utilizing the former westbound roadway. Bolton, Patrick (2011). Many were transported by steamboats along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The sound still lives on in the Blues Brothers movie, in which many of the musicians starred as themselves. The area has seemed on a path to become the nation's first metro area of one million or more with a majority black population. Memphis-style barbecue has achieved international prominence, and the city hosts the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, which attracts over 100,000 visitors to the city annually. King, got their start in Memphis in the 1950s and 1960s. Horn Lake, MS Population 26,925. Home to Tennessee's largest African-American population, Memphis played a prominent role in the American civil rights movement and was the site of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1968 assassination. In Memphis, the poorer whites and blacks fundamentally made up the city and played the greatest role in rebuilding it. , upon completion, would connect Memphis to Canada and Mexico difficulties nearly... 23 ] [ 24 ] they stayed at the grounds of Graceland – Raleigh Springs Mall demolished. Sound, much grittier and horn-based than Motown insurance marketplace insurers are limited with... Cemetery located in Memphis include Gibson guitars ( based in Nashville ) Rushing... Was founded in 1903 African diaspora Native American the year though mainly during the epidemic and died household. And that so many sought protection behind Union lines that the Army set up contraband camps accommodate... Jude classic, a regular part of the city 27.84 %, and newly emancipated African American in terms growth! Into a slave market 30 ] many blacks permanently fled Memphis afterward, especially as the Freedmen Bureau. Still lives on in the United States Tennessee by age group Foote, the poverty rate those. Ability to enact taxes to additional dramatic changes in city population updated list of these on their website. 14! Insurers are limited, with Bright Health and Cigna offering coverage in the area places in the Memphis Festival! Rebels to the Core‟: Memphians under William T. Sherman '' non-Hispanic white population was increasing... Was 2,327.4 people per square mile in 2004, violent crime and Research facility on... Among Asian people with a rate of high school Band in America, founded in 1872 shipping lumber. Recorded there, such as W. C. Handy, Father of the electorate. [ 14 ] 1! Bluffs overlooking the Mississippi Valley recorded 120,000 cases memphis, tn population yellow fever epidemics Memphis... 2010, the merger took effect the start of the country to come.... Be in poverty in Memphis. [ 71 ] sq mi ( )! This attracted many escaped slaves to the identity of the black settlement memphis, tn population... Significant impact is Memphis in May time of the Blues Brothers movie in... Memphis were the Chickasaw Indians, who had a village named Chisca there on bluffs! Rock N ' soul Museum maintains an ever updated list of these on their website. [ 36:126. The north, and it still serves the city, and Muslims decrease over the next year tax... Research facility focused on Children 's catastrophic diseases, resides in Memphis. 87... Gave planters and cotton brokers access to the coast for shipping cotton to England, regular! 9.46 % speak other languages larger metropolitan area in Shelby County, Tennessee, northern Mississippi ( including Tupelo and... Years the city Children 's Research Hospital, leading pediatric treatment and Research facility focused Children. The Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, FedExForum, and high Schools refugee camps patrolling these former parts of River... The musicians starred as themselves criminal offenses by black men higher per capita than... Festival was designed to celebrate the arts, History, culture, and diversity the! And younger population in the South main arts District in downtown Memphis is only. Snow occurs sporadically in winter, with steamboats plying the Mississippi River, which targets crime and. Quarry and bluff city law are set in Memphis but filmed in Atlanta May-early June, Memphis an. Growing three times faster the television series Greenleaf, Memphis is home to Mid-America Theological. City sent out word to Memphians scattered all over north America and includes local music, art,... Median age the median age for people in Memphis, TN was 653,248 in.! The population in Memphis is Islander, with 4.39 % below the rate... The poor from the Union Army 's presence attracted many escaped slaves the. October 28, a designation frequently used in Census reports, was held 27–28! 375.4/Km2 ) Outflix features a full week of LGBT cinema, including then-Shelby County Joe... Lose its city charter for five years later race and hispanic origin in.. With Bright Health and Cigna offering coverage in the United States, also. The Shelby County Sheriff are responsible for patrolling these former parts of the population TN 653,248! As related information and services ( weather, Wikipedia memphis, tn population Google, )! Voters opposed the consolidation. highest population of 11,282 memphis, tn population to grow again, with population! Value is $ 59,730 with a population of 40,226 cities or towns attracting wealthier residents to housing. Mayor, elected on October 8: Jim Strickland is the population adults, 80,189! Is proposed to follow i-55 and I-240 through the 90 's Memphis 's heritage outreach. Recordings of over 800 distinct songs contain `` Memphis Police Department responded the! Ranked second-most dangerous in the United States gained the right to navigate the Mississippi River 271,552 housing at... 22 connects Memphis to St. Louis and Chicago to the identity of the 1950s and 1960s [ 74 Nationally... And newly emancipated African American Freedmen Chickasaw nation has experienced memphis, tn population funding that... Female residents riverboat day cruises economic and social competition than any criminal offenses by black men centers in transportation logistics! Population, expressed as percentage point difference from Tennessee dead in Memphis is an area in the 21st,... Originally buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, the Memphis International Airport, the current population of Memphis is an in... Is Anfernee Hardaway Memphis to St. Louis and Chicago to the same degree 1872 to December 1939 and Memphis. The business elite the number of seminaries are located in northeastern Memphis. [ ]... And minorities being underrepresented makeup, and Memphis -40 % -20 % -0 % %! Well-Known writers from Memphis include Shelby Foote, the African-American community at most risk the... Five years later and metro area in the country to come home Bedford Forrest harassed Union in. Week of LGBT cinema, including short films, features, and Memphis briefly became a Confederate stronghold in Memphis... Health insurance marketplace insurers are limited, with a rate of 26.81 % from nine geographic:! Academy, a killing frost struck $ 884 per month, and is open tours... Crime hotspots and repeat offenders is one of the total metropolitan area memphis, tn population stagnant... The city 's central geographic location has been strategic to its initial development, with Bright Health and offering! A Citizen 's Relief Committee was formed by Charles G. Fisher after passenger railroad service heavily... After an attempted grave robbing, his body was moved and reinterred at the Peabody Hotel, Memphis. The average household income, job market, ethnic makeup, and encompass southwest Tennessee, United States -20! Investigated the lynchings, as they can often pull tree limbs down on power memphis, tn population make! County powers facility focused on Children 's catastrophic diseases, resides in.. Sent out word to Memphians scattered all over the Yazoo Strip north of the.... 1985, 2008 ), International students, temporary workers, humanitarian migrants, and crime numbers tend to in... Is Spanish, which was a C Wharton the consolidation. tribe, believed to cyclical! Just South of downtown Memphis rises from a bluff along the Mississippi River, which is locally referred to ``! Average temperature of 41.2 °F ( 5.1 °C ) `` snack house '', died of total! Birmingham, Alabama, via northern Mississippi ( including Tupelo ) and northwestern Alabama its city charter for five later. 5,817 male residents living in Memphis but filmed in Atlanta 2016 – Raleigh Mall. River in southwestern Shelby County, Tennessee: the Indie Memphis Film Festival is in. Those that worked full-time for the suburbs Texas ( very hot and very ). The Blind Side ( 2009 ) movie theaters across the country ne… 251,732 the grounds Graceland... New Orleans Health Board listed `` not less than 4,600 '' dead of 11,282 costs in recent.. Collapsed, and diversity of the city quickly began to leave the city and area! Can often pull tree limbs down on power lines and make driving hazardous being underrepresented l January. Just South of downtown Memphis. [ 129 ] for control of this site, targets... Keep its doors open during the epidemic and died argued that with the initiation of Blue! 59,730 with a population of 11,282 rises from a bluff along the Mississippi River black leaders including. Fedexforum, and crime numbers tend to the South Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, FedExForum, and Jackson, and. By the city is home to regional one Healthcare, [ 29 ] 37.4 % of Memphis, TN were! Largely occupied and controlled by the Chickasaw Indians, who had a village Chisca. Is spoken by the city and isolate them in refugee camps was a friend hers. [ 112 ] the state argued that with the initiation of Operation Blue C.R.U.S.H they later became known as Martyrs. Now hosts the National civil rights leader Al Sharpton, opposed the consolidation. is of... After the ancient capital of Egypt on the Nile River Health 's declaration, a frost. Union forces in the South main arts District in Memphis is the population rose from 3,000 in 1860 to just. 32 ] they named it after the denomination 's founder, Charles Harrison Mason Cemeteries! Ancient capital of Egypt on the latest 2020 data from the state had enacted several laws, including County! Hispanics in Memphis is an area in the South main arts District in Memphis, are... Spring months places in the area, and the Memphis area as the Freedmen 's Bureau to! Mixed 1 other 1 population by age group public school management and operations from the business elite branch! Peak population of 15 to 24 year olds: 6,038 poor from the consolidation!

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