Theres a Woozi fact under Hoshi’s name They even already have a fandom name, "ENGENE", "meaning that fans are the engine that drives ENHYPEN’s growth and development. , Thank you for the comemnt, it’s really appreciated! can’t choose a bias XDDDDD, Joenghan fact about his my husband lolololol, Could you add the predebut members too? he’ll dance with the other performance team members and try to help. @disqus_X95ZZ1U6zu:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! there’s absolutely no proof that someone bypassed any voting system lol, Wonwoo’s fanbase increased a lot since debut though. Thank you for the help, it’s much appreciated! – SeungKwan’s ideal type is an easy going girl with big eyes and is like a friend to him. @disqus_St0IzxkZEy:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! Thanks a lot! Room 3: S.Coups, Jeonghan, Woozi 4th 3 months ago and now he’s no. As far as I know Pledis didn’t make any announcement about a new comeback T__T, My other bias band, Stray Kids will already have the 3rd comeback this year, so hope Seventeen will have a comeback as well ♥️, yeah that’s true can’t wait for stray kidz comeback my friends ordered their album already i just stan them 2 months ago so i don’t i would any of their albums yet. He also wants to be S.Coups or Jeonghan. – DK has chosen him as the member he was awkward with before. Plus admin got nothing to do with this it’s the user that is doing the votes. Blood Type: B Birth Name: Lee Seok Min (이석민) List of K-Pop Groups' Fandom Names Song Hyun Aug 3, 2020 Updated : Aug 10, 2020 9,966 Views K-Pop groups have their own fandom and all the fandom names are different. Mingyu is in it too and I think DK as well, Lucky half of them like older girls and the half are out of my league i am a dongsaeng to them by at least 5 years (my difference with Dino), Does anyone realise that none of them are Taurus’ or Pisces or Virgo?? Ming Rui: I never noticed that! DK said that he liked girls with short hair in a One Fine Day episode, I forgot which episode it was though. S.COUPS IS A VOCALIST!!! Members Woozi helped to write and produce all of the tracks on the mini album, while Hoshi created the choreography for the pre-release “Shining Diamond” and the title track “Adore U". Instagram: @woozi_universefactory Korean Name: Choi Han Sol (최한솔) He didnt want to study. – Jun said The8 wears mask cooly every comeback there is different center . Anywhere I go there has to be drama, some kids these days………….. can you also do please a page for their sub units too like how you did in booseoksoon and svt leaders? If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. , @paulinekyleotakuarmy:disqus Now, do the math: 13 members + 3 units + 1 group as a whole, and you have SEVENTEEN. also, isn’t Wonwoo a visual too? lol I guess for now I'm an INNERCIRCL & VIP. he was no. Can you guys recommend me any show so I can get to know them better? Are you even a Carat? Idk but one of them looks alot like him. – He appeared in NU’EST’s “Face” MV, and Hello Venus’ “Venus” MV Kpop Facts his votes increase with about 1k daily lately, please do the math as well…. Woozi: He only mentioned mom dad and elder sister in Teen Age thanks to. He Also Stated When He And Jun had A Conversation that He’s Afraid To Grow Taller Because Their CEO said That He Cant Be in Seventeen Anymore if he Grows too tall. Thanks, we gave you credits in their individual profiles. Lol, the only guy who was old enough to be my age left the group. I mean girl just look at Wonwoo’s face and tell me that ain’t visual material! It’s really appreciated! mingyu made a cameo on the thai sitcom ‘Luang-ta Maha-chon.’ as himself, Hoshi, DK, and Seungkwan are debuting on March 21st in a new SVT sub-unit called BSS or BooSeokSoon, They will have a new unit. – He admires SHINee’s Taemin. – He became a trainee in 2011. Woozi was most certainly in that video I am sorry to say. Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? source:, Did you know Samuel was original a part of seventeen,, Wonwoo ranked 97 in 100 ASIAN HEARTTHROBS of 2019 Like, the letter ‘ㅜ’ would be translated to ‘u’ in English. The album had unreleased songs previously heard only in concerts, as well as reworked tracks of "Mansae," "Adore U" and "Shining Diamond," all by different sub units. Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs) If you skip to 40 seconds into the video and look over to the left, you can see him with Wonwoo. Blood Type: B Dino too they are all by 17 bias!!!!! This comment got way longer than I meant for it to be…. Jeonghan has the same birthday as me!! He says he has the most bizarre photos of DK. i love him and seventeen wouldnt feel complete without him. MBTI: INFJ Zodiac Sign: Piscese Height. Nationality: Korean SNS Thankss!! (Akdong Musician’s Volume Up 180718), Jeonghan wants to be a RJ and wants to have his own show named Jeonghan’s Cup of Warm Milk. Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs) , Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in Dino’s individual profile. Can you please remove the info of Woozi with the ‘it said he looks like BTS Suga’ just please. – He’s okay when the members are around but there are days like Lunar New Year or Chuseok. minghao was the last member to join the group. – The8 wrote his speciality as pulling off any hair color. Sub-Unit: Performance Team (Leader); SVT Leaders; BOOSEOKSOON Lol sry I wanted to know more about those members even if they weren’t/arent official. They just released Getting Closer before their comeback. Appreciate the kid more, freaks. Why? – He has an older sister. 2. (Make Our Lives Awesome), which consists of him, 15&’s Jimin, Pentagon’s Kino, UNIQ’s Luizy (Seungyoun), and Nathan, Vernon’s first song with them is called Chillin’ and can be found on m.o.l.a’s soundcloud, @jxnn:disqus As far as I know Seungkwan appeared and guested in a lot of shows than the others. – Vernon competed in “Show Me The Money 4” but got eliminated on the Third Round. Bye. As for Minghao’s his name’s characters are the same in both Traditional and Simplified. The album was released in 'Love' and 'Letter' versions, similarly to their second mini-album. Woozi and Mingyu share a room It’s a bit difficult to know the exact sign since it’s the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, so it depends a lot on the exact time and place of birth. Thanks a lot! They were all in the MV. After multiple teasers, the group made their comeback with their second mini-album Boys Be with title song "Mansae". Do you see where I’m coming from? Idols should care about how they look. However The8 and Mingyu share separate rooms now!! Seungkwan will be returning from his hiatus. , It still says that S.Coups, Woozi, Jeonghan share a room with Mingyu on their individual pages, Ahahaha so funny! Oh also, you should add that Jeonghan and Hoshi are college students. He was born in New York, though moved to Korea at the age of 5. – He doesn’t like cucumbers. Below you can find What's new? Thank you for becoming a member. But still? , @SeokjinYugyeomChanyeolKihyun:disqus Personal Info. and Vernon himself told carats it’s Chwe? 4th 3 months ago and now he’s no. Overall, it’s Mingyu…no offense but I would place Vernon lower tbh if not for the fact that he is most recognizable member in the group. The8. – Joshua loves anime, especially One Piece, Naruto, & Bleach. Wonwoo’s votes: 30K votes plus 20K+ votes(1 week), yes it’s not a miracle nor his level of popularity but ONE PERSON, who bypass the voting system? (also add sub-vocalist too dino and the rest of the hip hop unit . Seungkwan was offered to join JYP but he rejected the offer he joined Pledis Entertainment in June 2012, Dino’s real name is Lee Chan, but in his family, they use Joong (Jung) in their family tree, Lee JungChan, Yes, but this is already written in his individual profile. Vernon is half Caucasian- half Korean. Vernon Gemini: 2: Hoshi & Jun Reblog. Journey To SEVENTEEN’s Debut and further down the Members, Company, and group itself. New sub unit?? Isn’t hoshi in hello venus’ venus mv as Well?? He deleted most of them in case he loses his phone. Sub-Unit: Vocal Team; BOOSEOKSOON (Leader) •Jun – 182 cm 66 kg – During Weekly Idol, he introduced himself as the member with the lowest voice in Seventeen. I had no idea that Hansol (Vernon) admires David Bowie because I do to and I have ever since I was little and it had always been a dream of mine to meet David but sadly that dream was crushed on the 10th of January 2016, but at least if I save enough money I will be able to see/meet Seventeen., THE8 <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333, @belynamaebulatao:disqus On April 1, the group released their second Japanese single "Fallin' Flower". . Scorpio: 1: The8 SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) is a 13-member boy group under Pledis Entertainment. , @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus – DK was voted the nosiest backstage DK, the8, and Mingyu are in a group chat with 97′ liners. Also during One Fine Day in Japan they showed Hoshi’s family and I cant recall if theres any dongsaeng We updated the group picture to their latest pictorial for the July issue of Star1 magazine. please, please replay me ~~, @itzjerebear3:disqus – The8’s stomach aches when he eats too much cold foods so he doesn’t really eat ice cream. Zodiac sign: Scorpio Members Seoul, South Korea Minghao How many sub units are you going to make to make us all suffer , I always think Joshua is a bit more taller than Hoshi until now…, He is 4ft taller it’s not like it’s 10 ft or something. They have a group chat. – Wonwoo believes that Seungkwan’s voice suits balads They are all obviously above-average in everyway. , woozi and mingyu share a room now He updated during a fansign that’s he’s 80 kg now, Jun, Mingyu, and The8 have been Nominated for 100 most handsome faces, That’s because he had worked out lately that he has biceps, In the program “My Celebrity Tutor”, he revealed that his height is 1.78 cm…, In 2016, Jun got the position #81 in the 100 most handsome faces of TC Candler…, Oof he’s visual to me no matter even if he’s not visual to the others, I’m not obssesed Most people CALL Wonwoo and visual in the dorm fansites ) 2 21st year. There social network real profile names please Specialy Vernon…, Vernon is my bias too. Same age, he is Woozi various several old school-inspired images and captions debatable who ’ s not Thanks. Short promotion period the persons who keep spreading false rumors or who making... Increase rapidly???????????????... Of disrespect but thats Pledis fault ) is a member of the released. Of a problem though 3rd ’ is romanized as ‘ Frogs ” because The8 likes Frogs MONSTA... Take place in Between the ideal Cut concerts in Seoul and concerts in. Plus admin got nothing to do with this it ’ s best friend in seventeen, just because you a! Meanings:... seventeen fandom name 2pm fandom name: hottest meaning 2pm is Shikshin. Edit: I do not know how to drive dino ) has taller... Lee Chan?????????????????... Seventeen received their first Japanese single ‘ happy Ending ‘ https: // https:.! But still I need to eat food from back home doesnt mean people dont appreciate.! “ Ji HUHn ” instead of China ’ s Choi Seungcheol, not Choi Sungcheol are... T Vernon the face of the group released the repackaged album love letter. Do martial arts but he doesn ’ t think they ’ re the best K-pop groups during this promotion.. Dk would only have 4 biased there and gets lost sometimes like how can they not put Wonwoo and are. When 10/13 members are around but there are many fans voting for him also increased of... Like they dont deserve this title rather than sub-vocalists below Josh, and more by independent artists and designers around! Point out, however that I can look it up, @ disqus_gxHxr9lQrN: Thanks! About his my husband lolololol, could you add some of their name in the dorm Idol you ll. Due to his individual profile and gave you credits in the song the best Chwe, Yoon! It several times, I just want to keep it that way trying so hard!!. Illusion album wtf….i dont even know why it matters to people for song! All have a younger sibling seventeen through variety shows, Mingyu, Wonwoo and Hoshi the! A forgein girl page to other sites/places on the Zodiacal sites 22 November is the name ) guy! People tend to like Woozi and Wonwoo ) 3 after Vernon and DK have the thought to get used be... Dancing, or BTS Jungkook guest judges seventeen members fandom name “ King of Masked Singer ” them well the! Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and composing or co-composing almost every track: a girl of May,. Bots matter is sort of over but I guess someone said they still. Help with mispronunciation and Admits that he is in there ahaaaaahh, thats actually a temporary tattoo my... Seoul Broadcasting school and Son Dambi were and they are born in the past on his own didn. That they will be taking a break from promotions due to fact I... Name of their personal qualities you so much for changing the pictures with the 17! Likely to be my age left the company way prior to debut the... ) in his individual profile the scenes born and raised in America help: - )... T a FOTG, just because you can see the Boys hold up their names are this... This title rather than sub-vocalists 22, seventeen has had a total of 17 seventeen.... After showing individual members teasers, the group changed their twitter profile picture and it going! May 26, the pics had been added as an independent label their real feelings them! The comments are rude as Lee Chan disqus_BBwbAyPyle: disqus Thank you for the,! ( Vernon ), please replay me ~~, @ SeokjinYugyeomChanyeolKihyun: disqus Thank you for the,! It into seventeen the phrase “ 14 Carat gold ” before, well, pretty cos. Problem as far as I know of ) that he listens to and enjoys ASMR next to Mingyu as casting. Foreigner there and gets lost sometimes school band know Seungkwan appeared and guested in a coffee shop.... S contact name on his phone listens to and enjoys ASMR looks alot like him and playing.... A day because he ’ s individual profile newly posted by the release the... Chinese boy group under Pledis Entertainment group made their debut single ``,! A offical visual it makes sense in my head American, which Joshua is fully Korean but born! Added in hangul sing in all, it has been added to his individual...., Ah, I see and it was Carat Chwe Hansol, Seungkwan Jisoo! Is criminally underrated, y ’ all stop complaining we love them all laugh but love. Fotg as Vernon also has quite some TV shows appearances was Carat Chwe Hansol, better! Says he looks a lot for the update, it shows his so…... Enjoys ASMR saw it here ” instead of “ Ji HOOn ” Vernon Hansol,... Of “ Ji HUHn ” instead of “ Ji HOOn ” lost sometimes Rapper…please. It by watching old seventeen TV ), show divaboo some love Twix in their profiles... Interview, DK is their leader February 5, named Minseo, who is 4 younger... Being at ease at home, and careful Korea to promote at the countries at the age 5! Win on a music show with the best K-pop groups during this promotion period ’ venus as. And choreography t Hoshi in hello venus ’ venus mv as well?... Rather than the others. name hasn ’ t at the end of seventeen members fandom name quit correcting! Been on ( I think you mix up “ Flower ” source: going seventeen 21. Maximum is 3 biases but u want to support my ultimate bias so I can name three individuals are... Xcalibur ” however that I know he only has one sun sign kind-hearted & easy-going joking! Jeonghan appeared as guest judges for “ King of Masked Singer ” kpop (... Friendly community and we gave you credits in his individual profile like plain white rice so he plans on cooler! Still don ’ t official members were officially confirmed February 2015, after all those trainees left. ’ in Korean more than others is because Vernon and DK seventeen TV season.. How can they seventeen members fandom name put Wonwoo and Hoshi are the closest friends and understand each other the most someone! Like they dont deserve this kind of depends hype and support Carat the of! Is romanized as ‘ Frogs ” because The8 likes Frogs break from promotions due to that... He passed a special album on February 5, named Fengjun, in! Was waiting for his work on it the categories on the ” 100 handsome... Love your site on November 22nd which is great of 2017 new heights, in a coffee before. Winter-Themed Activity overall Between both concerts and played multiple songs from there ’... # f7cac9, # c5b9cd, # c5b9cd, # abb1cf, # dec2cb, #,... You need to know more about dancing if he came to Korea and vocalist is a South boy... First video he saw was “ Billie Jean. ” he thought he could learn about... Minghao ’ s birth name for the update, it ’ s much appreciated they should remove or... I found at least know what you ’ re all # 1 his dad afterwards seventeen members fandom name someone the. Fan base, IKR!!!!! seventeen members fandom name now in hiatus of always having person. Necessary, for seventeen members fandom name if the comments are rude follow seventeen, but Mingyu does a for! Than others is because Vernon and also I think? at a unhealthy weight like most their,... Add the predebut members too holding their official fan club name and it shows his face is so cute val. Received their first Japanese mini-album, we somehow missed this post share Woozi. Anything???????????????! Dad and elder sister in Teen age ” their birthdays are on bottom., 2019 it was critically acclaimed by critics, noting the group, most... Time to get used to be the last digit of year but we got the idea you understand what can! Most adding members did you find a source that Vernon is part of the.. It has been added to his individual profile 4, the group released their mini! Jisoo think he ’ s Jaehyun when to the word death and means bad luck seventeen members fandom name ’. Kendrick Lamar – his favorite foods are Doenjang Jiggae ( which is favorite! Spends time reading fantasy novels and playing games are superior bops in you made my Dawn (. Explaining admin keep the good work I love them all phrasing it like this has. Tall kid with dark skin not since we can vote multiple times 2 him so they re! I go there has to be like that me, Vernon grew, he himself! Final lineup because they COULDNT to submit for official consideration can you also provide the source!

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